2021-2022 School Year Fundraiser

The Fundraising Committee acknowledges that while we certainly plan and execute fundraisers, teachers and staff are the ones who have to deal with fundraisers the most and are able to better gauge student reaction. The fundraising committee surveyed our teachers prior to deciding what fundraisers to bring to membership for vote.


We asked Ford teachers...

  • What did you like most about the Donation Drive?
    Overwhelmingly, they stated that they liked how easy it is and the fact that it takes little time away from teaching.

  • What did you like least about the Donation Drive?
    Again, overwhelmingly, the feedback was that the kids did not seem to connect with the fundraiser and did not seem excited about it.

  • In your time at Ford, what was your favorite fundraiser?
    77% of teachers that responded said that their favorite fundraiser at Ford has been Apex.
    23% of the teachers said that the Donation Drives have been their favorite.

  • In your time at Ford, what has been your least favorite fundraiser?
    Most teachers stated fundraisers that require students to sell anything.

  • Would you prefer a fundraiser managed by PTA or a fundraiser managed by a third party?
    50% responded PTA
    50% responded third-party


A Donation Drive consists of collecting check, cash and online donations. We involve the students through incentives and generally a service project completed with their class.

  • Volunteer time typically requires 2 - 5 volunteers who help to plan for and execute the drive. 2 volunteers are required to count donations received daily and distribute incentives.

  • PTA retains, on average, 90% - 95% of the money raised.

  • Historically, our donation drives have brought in a NET income between $16K to $36K.


Apex Leadership Co. provides an innovative platform to build the leaders of tomorrow while simultaneously helping schools raise money. Apex mixes leadership growth lessons with fitness and fundraising in a way that kids love.

They use an online system and proven method that can vastly increase schools' fundraising capabilities while also maximizing students’ and faculty’s time.

  • Volunteer time is extremely limited.

  • PTA retains, on average, 56% of the money raised.*

  • Historically, our Apex fundraisers have brought in a NET income between $31K to $43K.

*It's important to note that the remaining 44% covers Apex's costs to run the program including, but not limited to things like individual prizes, class-wide prizes, obstacle course equipment and supplies, t-shirts for all staff and students, leadership program materials, daily leadership bracelets and Apex Athlete salaries (positive role models on campus). They have disclosed that their net retained revenue is approximately 9%.